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Temperature-Triggered Supramolecular Assembly of Organic Semiconductorss

A temperature-triggered supramolecular assembly strategy is used for fabricating highly ordered organic semiconductor arrays. The central concept of molecular design — named the Tetris strategy — is to increase the rotational freedom of the molecules through thermal perturbation, thereby inducing conformational locking of adjacent molecules as a result of cooperative [π•••π] interactions.

Electrostatic Anchors for Molecular Electronics

Positively charged pyridinium units can serve as efficient electrostatic anchors to form robust gold–molecule–gold junctions. Binary conductance switching in such a dicationic viologen molecular junctions has been observed by dint of an electron-injection-induced redox-switching mechanism.

Single-Molecule Conductance of Charged Cyclophanes

Intramolecular circuits are built with two-channel charged cyclophanes. An interchannel gating effect and constructive quantum interference act synergistically, leading to a conductance that is 50-fold higher than that of a single-channel control, breaking the single-molecule superposition law.

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